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Talc possesses chemical inertness, high dielectric strength, high thermal conductivity and low electric conductivity which make it useful for ceramic and refractory applications. Talc acts as a flux by lowering the firing temperature and quickening the firing time.

Talc increases thermal shock resistance, electrical

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Since Pharmaceuticals are consumed by human beings, hence, in their manufacturing, talc compounded into products acceptable by the human body are required. Thus, Golcha Talc, of high chemical purity (free from harmful Asbestos and Biminerals) is preferredSfor them. Talc ore is ground to a semi fine powder to produce and

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In Cosmetics, talc is compounded into products which are not absorbed by the human body. Thus, talc of high chemical purity, more than 99%, (free from Asbestos and Biminerals) is preferred.

Talc ore is ground to a semi fine powder to produce and maintain the right size and shape spectrum and controlled

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Talc acts as a lubricant, non-sticking and mould releasing agent during manufacturing. It is used even at an elevated temperature in rubber manufacturing. Talc being hydrophobic in nature reinforces the cured rubber and imparts good insulation properties in specialised applications.

Our talc products are free from

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